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Torsion Spring Warranty

Here at Express Garage Door Services you truly are dealing with an Experienced Garage Door Company. These are the same Torsion Springs that we use in our own Service Company. 

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*High-Cycle Upgrade

Please See Warranty Page for Further Details.

We stand by our products so much that we offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on all of our torsion springs when you take advantage of our "High-Cycle Life Option". To do this simply give us a call or shoot us an email and we will upgrade your springs to this option. There is no fee for this upgrade, as all that will be charged is the price for the extra metal in the spring (often around $2-$10 per pair).  If one of our High-Cycle Springs breaks due to standard use within 5 years of the purchase date, we will replace it free of charge and even cover shipping costs. Standard warranty is 3 years without this upgrade.

To qualify please have the following:

  • Original Order Number

  • Purchase Date

  • Name used on your Order

Questions? Contact Us!​

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