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Quick Reference Guide to Common Questions

We thought we'd take moment to go over some of the common questions we get about Garage Door Torsion Springs and their workings.


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QHow long do garage door torsion springs last?

A) Garage Door Torsion Springs have an average life expectancy of 7-10 years depending on use. Most homes nowadays use their garage doors as their front door and the more you use the door the shorter the springs will last. 

QHow do I know what size springs I need?

A) Not all garage doors are the same and take the same springs. We have several ways in helping you determine what springs you need for your garage door from How-to Videos to step by step directions with pictures on our Springs page. You also have the option of sending us a picture of your garage door and we can tell you what springs you need!

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QWhy did my torsion spring(s) break?

A) Garage Door Torsion Springs have an average life expectancy and will wear and break depending on how much you use them. The more you operate your garage door the shorter the springs will last. Give us a call to upgrade your springs and make them last longer! 

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QWhats the average cost for a garage door repair company to come fix my broken spring(s)?

A) Average cost from repair companies vary across the country. We've heard prices ranging from $300-$1000 in some parts of the country. Most of the price you will be charged is for the springs themselves, so you can save yourself a lot of money by getting the springs yourself!

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QHow do I know if my springs are broken or bad?

A) Torsion springs will expand around 1-2 inches when they are wound from the previous installation. If you look up and see a 1-2 inch gap in your springs then it's time to replace them. Springs will also wear over time and if they just don't lifting force they used to or if there are gaps or binding in the springs it may be a good idea to replace them before you get your car trapped in the garage! 

QI tried lifting my garage door after the spring broke. Why is the garage door so heavy?

A) When it comes to garage doors, the springs lift all the weight of the door. The opener is there to simply guild the door open very little force. Most Garage doors will weigh around 180-240lbs and getting them open without the assistance of the springs can be difficult.

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QHow long should I expect it to take to replace my springs?

A) The average homeowner with proper training and knowledge can complete the repair in under an hour. Be sure that whoever is doing the repair has the proper winding tools to complete the job safety. 

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QWhat is "High-Cycle Life"?

A) High-Cycle Life is the alteration of the measurements and sizing on your spring(s) to help them last longer on your garage door. High-Cycle Life is not the changing of the quality of metal used or a special coating on the spring, but the increase in the Wire Size and Length causing the spring to not ware as quickly. Give us a call and get the proper measurements to upgrade your spring!

High Cycle Upgrade
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QWhat do I need to replace my torsion spring(s)?

A) Replacing your springs thankfully requires very few tools. The biggest thing you'll need is a pair of winding bars, followed by a couple of wrenches and maybe a hammer and a file. For the wrenches, the two bolts holding the springs to the center mount are most commonly 1/2" or 9/16" and these sizes of wrenches make the job much quicker. Its also helpful to have a hammer or file handy for giving stubborn springs an excuse to move.

QMy springs are not mounted in the center of the door. Is this okay?

A) The torsion springs can be positioned anywhere on the torsion tube. The springs simply rotate the torsion tube which rotates the cable drums which lifts the garage door. Its common to see the springs off-centered to allow for low headroom situations to utilize an opener. 

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QWhy do I have two different sized springs on my garage door?

A) Torsion Springs may be mismatched from the factory or from a previous replacement. We prefer to see the springs matching so that they work together, wear the same, and balance out the door better over a longer period of time. Give us a call or send us an email so that you can get set up with a matching pair!

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QHow many turns or winds do I put on my new springs?

A) The amount of turns required on your springs depends on the height of your garage door. If your door is 7ft high then we recommend starting off at 31 Quarter turns on each springs. If you have an 8ft door then start at 34 Quarter turns. When you put your winding bars in your springs and push up this is a quarter turn, simply do this the recommended amount of times on each spring. Keep in mind this only holds true if the springs are correct for the garage door!

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QWhat is that black bushing in your pictures?

A) We include a black plastic bushing with every set of springs that we sell. This simply acts as a place holder so that the torsion tube does not rattle around inside of the springs. It also helps keep the tube stationary when rotating. Only one bushing is required per pair of springs. 

QShould I replace both springs when only one spring broke?

A) We ALWAYS recommend replacing both springs when one breaks. We do this because the springs tend to wear at the same rate and tend to break around the same time. We see time and time again when only one spring is replaced the other spring tends to break as soon as the next week or month. Its best to do the labor once and get it done while everything is already torn apart!

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QMy garage door only has one spring on it. Can I upgrade to a pair?

A) This depends on the weight of your garage door. Most commonly if you have a single car 9x7 garage door these will only have one torsion spring. We recommend any door that weighs over 150lbs to have a pair of springs. There is a line where it is actually beneficial to have a heavy gauge spring on the door than two smaller gauge springs because the bigger spring actually has a higher cycle life. Most commonly if you have a two car garage door with a single torsion spring, we recommend upgrading to a pair. 

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QShould I replace anything else while I'm replacing my springs?

A) It depends if anything else is broken or worn. Most of the time when a spring breaks you simply replace them and your good to go for another 10 years with proper lubricating. We commonly offer a FREE set of cables with every spring order so be sure to take advantage of this! When you have a spring snap go ahead and give your garage door a once over and see if the bearings are still working properly and the rollers are still "rolling".

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QWhat direction do I wind my springs?

A) Most commonly you will be pushing UP when you go to rewind your new torsion springs. This holds true if your black coned spring is on the right of the center mount and the red coned spring is on the left. There are special cases where you have to actually pull down on the springs to wind them. If you are unsure of what to do give us a call or send us a picture and we'll let you know!

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QHow can I maintain my garage door springs?

A) Proper lubrication every 6 months on your torsion springs can help expand the life span of them and reduce spring binding. While giving your springs a spray be sure to give your hinges, rollers, and bearings and quick squirt as well. To take stress off of your opener, once a year pull the release on your opener and test the balance of your garage door to see if your springs need a turn or two. 

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QHow long does it take to receive my new springs after I order them?

A) We ship all of our orders placed before 1pm EST the same day they are ordered Monday-Friday. We are located in Northern Indiana and if you are located on the east coast you will receive your springs within 1-2 business days. If you are on the west coast it will take 2-3 business days. Anywhere in-between will take 1-3 business days but rest assured you will receive a tracking number via email that will tell you the day your new springs or parts will arrive. You can also always give us a quick call or email and we can let you know the day we can expect them to arrive.

QWhere is your company located?

A) We are Located in Northern Indiana just west of Fort Wayne. We love being so centrally located in the country so that we can get you your torsion springs as quickly as possible!

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QWhat shipping service do you use?

A) We use UPS to ship most of our packages. Once your order is placed we will ship it out as soon as we can and will send you a tracking number via email so you will know when your new parts will arrive.

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QHow late are you open?

A) We are open Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST. We have service technicians on standby during off hours so please don't hesitate to shoot us an email or leave a message and it will be returned promptly. *Most likely same day even on weekends.  

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