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Robert M

The instructional vidoes saved me from a bad situation (one of the cables came off track and in process all spring tension was lost). Having never worked on springs myself, the vidoes got me back up and running. I offered to make donation to show gratitude for the videos and was simply told "your welcome" and a review would be nice. Great people on top of the information they provide. Will definitely purchase parts here when feasible. 


Greg Washington

Excellent job with suggestions from a picture. The shipping is a bit much and too much for 1-2 days. I will be waiting I guess. Also, the Youtube video sold it for you. I did not check other sites for that reason. 


Russ S

The website was fast, very clear, and easy to determine what I needed using its instructions. The pricing for the springs was similar to other locations online; shipping seemed reasonable for such heavy items. 

Clyde DePhillips

The website was fast, very clear, and easy to determine what I needed using its instructions. The pricing for the springs was similar to other locations online; shipping seemed reasonable for such heavy items. 



Thanks for the video instruction, and very helpful express email help. Only look at our picture, express email customer service already know what do I need and quick reply. You are the best customer service. You guy so good. Thanks bunch. Already place order. 


Lynn T

Your spring winding video was most helpful. Your price was also better than another site, plus you added the cables. I am looking forward to receiving the spring and getting it installed. 



This was a very simple process. I called the phone # provided and a tech answered right away and advised me to take a pic and send it to him through the same #. Within a min he called me back and told me the exact springs that I needed. VERY HELPFUL and RECOMMENDED 


Philip Stryke

Excellent service , customer rep on phone was very pleasant to talk to and knowledgeable.. found the parts that I needed right away 



I had some questions and I received a friendly and helpful email response in about an hour. Thank you 


Tres' A

Answered the phone right away, gave me info very quickly, made it easy and took care of customer service like EVERYONE should. Great job! 

5 Star Reviews from our customers

 Customer Reviews

Jason A

I called the tech line with questions about my existing springs and the gentleman I spoke with was extremely helpful. He helped me resize my springs to get longer life out of them. I spent quite a bit less than I would have at a local garage door company. I can't wait to get and install them. 


Oscar O.G. 

I was shopping for torsion springs and did some research, after days of recon I found theses guys out of Indiana. The gentleman I poke with was very kind, patient, up to date, and helpful. He walked me through what I needed and I placed my order, just that simple! 


Frank J Thomas Jr

Ordered over the phone (Avery actually took my order). Received my set of new torsion springs the next day. Installed and adjusted the springs and door opener per Avery's great videos in less than 2 hours and my door works smoother and better than before. I am impressed by the professionalism and courteous, prompt, no-nonsense service. If you need garage door parts - THESE ARE THE "GO-TO" GUYS! 



Mark Fabbri 

I sent pictures and within minutes they were able to steer me to the right part. 



Great so far! Ordering was as simple as sending a few pictures, as long as everything they send works & I can get it all installed properly this review will be 5 stars!! Saving me a little money by doing my own labor on the project. Thanks!! 


Dwayne L 

Very easy to place my order and cheaper than many other places. All the info was provided to make choosing the correct spring simple. 



Great customer service and cheaper than Home Depot even with shipping. A really good experience. Thanks a alot!

chuck h deitz 

Really like the informative videos. 


I got exactly what i was looking for at a great price. 

Judson L

Easy and clear ordering of replacement torsion spring. Watch the videos to know what to look for.

John B. 

Expert advice from true professionals. There is no better place to shop for all of your garage door needs. 

5 stars fer day s2.png

G Humphre 

I ordered springs w/winding bars on 5/2. Order was rec'd on 5/4. Installed on 5/5 per video instruction. Door is balanced and works great. I have also noticed that the door operates quieter. I highly recommend this company and will use them again the next time I have a problem with my garage door. Thanks guys. 


I tried Home Depot and Lowes with no success in finding an exact replacement for my garage door spring. I found one within minutes on the Express Garage Door site. Additionally, HD and L do not have GD tools for installation which is a huge safety and property damage issue. Will use this site again. 

mike j 

have looked at several web sites with tutorials , By far yours is on the mark , will use again.


I need good advice on springs and the install. i called and got very good help. Very satisfied! 


Bruce L

After viewing the excellent video from the Express site I thought I could tackle my broken torsion spring on my own. The service was super. Ordered one day got the spring the next. 



P Hassler 

Good job of advertising on Youtube. It paid off. I needed new springs for my garage... as one had broken. Checked youtube for tips. Found your videos helpful. Found your website even more helpful because my garage door had been customized with an additional panel to accommodate a higher vehicle; I knew the current springs were not changed out when this customization occurred, so I had no clue how to figure that all out. Well done...your website simply allowed me to input of height and weight of garage door and upon entering those into your chart bada-bing, bada-boom...Problem Solved!!! 

Juan Ulloa 

Ordering for the proper fit was a breeze. DIY videos were a excellent Thanks! 

Karl Nichols

had never replaced a spring before-i saw a couple videos online that made it seem like brain surgery. Came across Express door-watched their very precise video and had the job done in about 20 min. Awesome products and even better customer service! 

Albert Smith 

Great product support!! 

Ron A 

got what I was looking for..web site was easy to order...If I run into a problem I can call..thanks.. 


Pat connolly

Love the videos online, and thanks for following through with my broken spring issue. Bars working great for winding up spring. 




Found the garage torsion spring that i needed by following the instruction you provided. It help me place my order easy and fast. Thank you. 



Was looking for a set of torsion springs. Ordered quick fast and easy at a price way better than anyone local. 

Samuel B 

Thank you for having a section to buy torsion springs by weight. I recently added material to change the appearance of my door and it became too heavy for the opener. 

Marshall S.

It was easy to follow your measurement system to find out what spring to buy. If I did not know you needed bars to put it up I would not have found the free bar code. Thank you for a good experience. 


I was looking for garage door torsion springs that were two different sizes. I talked to a garage door tech on the live chat line and he got me squared away. Thank You! 


Robert Barnes

So far ordering very easy with great help from site to determine exact size needed to replace failed parts, thank you, Robert 


mike k

very good videos. easy to understand.i will buy all my parts needed from this company. 

Alex M 

I had a torsion spring break. Using the information from the website, I measured the old spring and determined the size replacement springs to order. I had another torsion spring break a few years back. I thought the old springs may be undersized for my garage door. I contacted Tech Support and the Technician quickly took the weight of the door, and reviewed the replacement torsion springs I was going to order. He said they were correct for my garage door. I placed my order with the assurance that the replacement springs are the correct size for use on my door.

5 stars fer day s2.png


Thank you for all your help I hope they arrive soon I’m eager to try this myself 


Great site & tutorial videos! 

Clint H

Good videos and customer service. Easy ordering. 



Your Videos were very helpful. Thanks 

John J

No company in Central Florida would sell me springs, (I'm told insurance liability). This is a great company, assisted me with choosing correct springs, as mine were originally mismatched. I decided to up grade to High Cycle. They were perfect for my size door. 

Roman F 

Great videos. Measured and ordered. Website makes it easy. 


Curtis Rikli

Quick and easy site Had what I needed 

Bouala Sisompeng 

Looking for garage door torsion springs for the right wound and very pleased with it 

Robert L

Order process has been very straight forward and painless. Appreciate the assistance on line - very quick and specific. Hopefully the installation will be equally so. 

Tom Wehnert

I needed a new torsion spring for my garage door. Express Garage Door Services instructions for measuring the torsion spring and how to install it were excellent! I was very impressed with their easy to use web site. 



Installed the new springs yesterday. Watched the how to video a couple times then went to work. Com pleated in about one hour! Easy, but be careful. Thanks for all your help! Now I can get the car out!! 

john w 

had to replace springs , but had two different sizes . shot an email over they got me the correct springs needed . Thanks express garage! 

Steve kall

Fear not the torsion spring! This is the way to go and these guys are awesome. Watched the video a couple of times to get a good feel for the work. Decided I could do it myself. Started to order on-line then called with a question about "high cycle springs". Avery explained the logic and did the math for me. Super easy. The price was so good that I went ahead and bought a 2nd spring for the other garage door. Springs showed up in two days. Followed the video to do the install. Very straightforward; install was smooth (one quarter turn of adjustment - as described in the video also) and the door is smooth as silk. I'm sharing with my neighbors. Have winding bars and can help them do it for way less than having somebody come out and do it. Very much appreciate the information and customer service! 


Michael E. Colorado

Ordered spring and tool bars on Sunday night, Arrived Tuesday. Fantastic! Video on measuring the existing spring was exelent and the video instructions made installation a snap. These guys earned my business with all the help!" 


Answered e-mail on a Saturday. Thanks for the guidance. 

craig grillo 

just want to say how happy i am with the quality and level of service from your company, ordered a complete torsion kit to replace my standard spring set up.. but entered the wrong weight when ordering, no hassle return for the correct springs and door works perfectly, ordering another setup for second garage door , thank you 

Steve W

Many thanks to Avery for the excellent customer service and timely tech support in navigating the "high cycle spring" non-sense. Very enlightening and very cost competitive - you guys blew the doors off any local place I could find! 


David Woodruff

Received my garage door parts today right on time... installed them in about an hour and everything is working great! Thanks Express Garage Door! 


ordering was easy-------hopefully ships same day and arrives in 2-3 as advertised!! thank you!


Donald Farley

Ordered 2 torsion springs for my garage. Talked to customer service rep. by phone ho answered all of my questions. I ordered the parts online and they arrived when I was told that they would. Outstanding experience from start to completion! 

5 stars fer day s2.png


I really appreciate all the useful information you provide. I suppose if I looked around I could find a "cheaper spring" on the internet. BUT I bought from you because your site is so helpful. 


Terry D Rasmussen



Great experience! Would definitely recommend them I wasn’t sure what springs to order called their number and the guy I talked to was so nice and willing to help me figure it out! Ordered the springs at 11:00am and already had a shipment email at 2pm 


Mike Bieganski 

I appreciate the videos, they helped me find the right size spring for my door, ordered and delivered promptly. Showed how to install and adjust. Better than new. Feels good to be able to do it myself! 


Edward Kretsch 

The videos were very helpful in finding the correct spring. 



Austin M

I've never had to change out torsion springs before so I had a lot of questions. After visiting their site, I was able to figure out what I needed, how to get the right parts and how to change out the spring when it arrived. My door is 16x7, insulated door but only had one spring. After visiting the site, I learned that I needed 2, not one spring. The measuring and conversion chart was really easy to understand. They had exactly what I needed and at a really great price! I am super impressed and grateful I found these guys! 


Thomas G

I have been working on houses most of my life but never had to repair a garage door. When a neighbor of mine broke a spring on his door I decided to help him tackle it after seeing the HowTo videos on the Express Garage Door Parts website. It was super easy and only took about 20 minutes to replace and pre-load the springs. Everything worked perfectly on the first try. I would definitely recommend their parts to anyone and will certainly use them again when needed in the future. Thanks guys! 


brent Lockwood

Great job and help was quick and concise! 



I just got off the phone with Avery. He helped me decide what springs I needed and didn't sell me items I don't need. I text messaged a photo of my door and within 10 minutes he called back. He walked me through the online ordering process. Great customer service so far. 

Rown Hunter​

items I've been looking for you certainly have with very good supporting information. Excellent up to this point, 5-stars but waiting on product delivery. 

Mike Maifeld 

Very good told me how to measure the springs and how to order 

John M 

Amazing. I have never seen such fast and precise email customer service

David F

would have never been able to order the correct spring without your very informative site. great prices too! 


i sent an email with pictures to Express Garage doors indicating the type of garage door i had at the house, and they responded immediately and suggested the size springs i needed. i just purchased them today. 


Ron Boughton 

Your tutorial video is extremely helpful in measuring the spring size. Thank you!!!! 

jimmie mcgraw

done well. 


Directions to get correct size spring easy to understand and follow. Very confident I will get the correct size spring. 


y rent

great job garage door working good, wife happy life is good 


Jeff Hillsman

It was easy to order my second spring from Express Garage Door Services. The instructional videos make installation a breeze. 

Tim B 

was looking to replace a broken spring and found your web site, it was very well explained as to what was needed and how to go about it, made the order, it was a simple process and very clear. 


lenard m

called, got a quick response and help with what to order. I'm confident they will be there to help me through the repair. 


*100% Unedited
5 stars fer day s2.png

David Anderson

Great web site and helpful information about getting the proper measurements of the spring. I think I would have ordered the wrong spring if I had not watched the video first. Thanks! 

Augie b

called for information about correct size spring for order. tech was quick and courteous, had the information in 30 seconds and placed order online before getting off phone. thanks 

Matt S 

My parts arrived quickly. I was very happy to get my door fixed in time to get my stinking garbage cans to the curb for trash day. 


Great site easy to find parts . 

Aloysius R.

I was looking to replace a torsion spring; I didn't know the part number. I simply took two photos and emailed Express Garage Door Services. They emailed me the size and provided me with a direct link to order the part. I found this to be a very user friendly and convenient website. I would highly recommend this service. 


ritch L 

Their tech support was very helpful and fast helping me select the correct spring pair 


Russell R 

Your customer service department was very helpful in determining what springs I needed for my situation. My original request was for a 207 x 19.5 x 2 inch spring which what was on my 16 x 7 door. Your representative was very professional in explaining the differences in spring sizes and applications. My final purchase was a 218 x 26 x 2 inch spring set. 


your customer support is exceptional 


Eric Matschke 

quick and easy to follow web site. reasonable pricing and ability to order by door weight all a plus. 


Frank T 

My garage door torsion spring exploded. I am really handy but I am swamped with projects and work so being in a jam I called a few garage door contractors to get the job done. How much could it be $150-$200.00. WRONG! I was getting estimates of $500.00. Screw that. Searched the internet and came across garage doors express. Got a new spring,torsion spring rods, and free cables for $63.00. That also included delivery. These guys were great. They answered my questions and their website was very informative. I saved $437.00 doing the job myself. I never write reviews. But these guys deserve your business. 10 stars.

Rick P ​

I watched how to do the measurements, did them, but still was unsure if I was correct, so I called. I'm glad I did. The fellow helping me had me take pictures and text them to him. He recognized that it had been previously incorrectly repaired. He walked me through everything to ensure I got the right parts. I got better service here than I get in my local restaurants-strangely refreshing that I got this level of customer service from a place that sells garage door parts. 



AWESOME!! Thanks for your help!


If the garage springs are as good as the customer service I will be extremely satisfied. Avery was able to answer all my questions and assist with determining the most appropriate size springs for my garage door. I definitely recommend you go with these guys :) 


Best customer service ever!! 


Sheryl T. Hines

first time doing business with this company I hope to receive parts in a reasonable time frame. But the tutorial and info on the site was very helpful and knowledgeable. 


I watched the video tutorial to measure the spring and called just to double check. Everything was super easy to do and friendly staff. Great prices and low shipping fee. Super happy not to pay 4x that for a local price. 



Duane G 

What I was looking for was 3 springs, and winding bars. What I got, was that, plus outstanding support via phone, email, and product. I'd never replaced these before, so all of the above was very important to me, my finances, and my safety. Thanks so much! 



The guy on the phone was totally helpful told me to send a picture of my garage door and he returned my call in 2 mins and told me which springs to order. Awesome place... 


Mike ​

You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Person answered phone at 9:40 P.M.E.T. on Sunday night. He walked me through everything perfectly. I was able to order a better set of springs to last a LONG time. Unlike the ones I got from Hardware store and others that broke every 2 years or so. I have car in garage and hope it ships as fast as they mention. After speaking with them on phone, I am sure they are aware of urgent need and are also sending a Great set of replacement coils. If all goes as well as I believe it will, I give them a 5 star rating.

5 stars fer day s2.png
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