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How to measure your garage door spring(s)
How to replace your spring(s)
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7ft high Door --- Enter cables7
8ft high Door --- Enter cables8
Complete Garage Door Torsion Spring Overhaul Kit

5 YEAR WARRANTY    Need a Larger Size Spring?


-Kit includes; High Cycle Spring(s)* (30,000+ cycles), 18" Steel Winding Bars, Nylon Rollers, High Quality Cables, Drums, Center Bracket, End Brackets, Bolts & Fasteners.


***Please note: Door Weights 150lbs and under will be shipped with one (1) High Quality Torsion Spring***


-To weigh your garage door, simply lift your door a couple of inches and slide a bathroom scale in the center of the door. If you have two springs and only one is broken, remember to double the weight shown on the scale. One spring is still wound and lifting half the weight of the door. Questions? Refer to our How-to Videos on how to weigh your garage door. While replacing your broken garage door springs you already have the torsion system taken apart, so why not replace all the parts that are soon to fail as well!


-Springs are calibrated to perfectly balance the weight of your garage door. Springs are the highest quality, and are engineered for higher cycle life to last for many years.


**8ft tall kits will be shipped with two extra nylon rollers not shown in the product picture above**

Complete Garage Door Torsion Spring Overhaul Kit

  • Coupon offer for free pair of cables is not vaid on this kit.