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How to measure your garage door spring(s)
How to replace your spring(s)
$14.99 Value/ FREE pair of cables with every spring order! Enter code at checkout.
7ft high Door --- Enter cables7
8ft high Door --- Enter cables8
High-Cycle Pair of Garage Door Springs

5 YEAR WARRANTY    Need a Larger Size?


Price shown after entering measurements is for Pair of High-Cycle Springs (LEFT AND RIGHT SPRING INCLUDED) for torsion systems set above the garage door. After selecting your measurments and placing your order, we will mathmatically calculate a better, longer lasting set of springs for your garage door. (30,000+ Cycles)


The new springs you receive will be a larger wire size and slightly longer length. They will have the exact same lifting forces, but because they are thicker springs they will not wear down as quickly and thus last much longer! 


Because they also have the same lifting forces, these springs will take the same amount of turns when installing.

  • 31 Quarter turns for a 7ft tall door and 34 Quarter turns for an 8ft tall door.


 Spring Length Over 40 Inches? Call Us!

High-Cycle Pair of Garage Door Springs