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How to measure your garage door spring(s)
How to replace your spring(s)
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7ft high Door --- Enter cables7
8ft high Door --- Enter cables8
Pair of Industry Standard Length Torsion Springs

5 YEAR WARRANTY   Need a Larger Size?

Here at Express Garage Door Parts, you are truly dealing with an actual garage door repair company. We repair thousands of garage door springs each year. These springs are the lengths that we carry on all of our service trucks and work on 99% of all the residential garage door models out there. The term "Industry standard" is used in reference to standard garage doors, and if you were to send in pictures of your garage door these springs might be recommended if your door is standard for the industry. If you have not been recommended these springs after sending in a picture of your garage door, we recommend measuring your springs and ordering using our "pair of garage door springs" option. The Inside diameters on these springs are also industry standard sizes (1 3/4", 2" common). If you want to be sure you are getting the correct wire gauge you can always scroll down this page to find out how to correctly find your existing springs wire size.

Pair of Industry Standard Length Torsion Springs