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How to measure your garage door spring(s)
How to replace your spring(s)
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Torsion Springs by Door Weight

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You can now order your springs by the weight of your garage door! Save all the hastles and worries of measuring out your existing springs. Simply lift your garage door a couple of inches and slide a common bathroom scale under the center of your door(watch our video). We will use the corrispoding weight you ordered to customize the perfect High Cycle Spring(s) (30,000+ cycles) to balance your garage door.


**Door weights 150lbs and under will be shipped with (1) High Cycle Life Torsion Spring**


Weighing your garage door is the best possible way to determine the proper springs needed for the door. Remember that if you have two springs on your torsion system and only one is broken, double the weight shown on the scale. This because one spring is still lifting half the door's weight.

Check out our Video on how to weigh your garage door on our "Videos" page!

Torsion Springs by Door Weight

  • These selections are not for garage doors with extension spring systems.(where your springs run horizontal with the tracks)

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    WARNING: Torsion springs, extension springs, and other garage door hardware can cause serious injury or death if not handled and installed properly.


    Professional installation is recommended. Do NOT attempt to install springs or hardware yourself unless you have the proper tools, reasonable mechanical aptitude and experience, and upper arm strength. Read and understand all instructions before you begin work.


    Extension and torsion springs, along with attached hardware, are under extreme tension at all times. All tension must be released from springs before any work is performed.

How to Measure your Torsion Spring

This method of measuring your torsion spring requires you to measure the existing springs.  Use this method if the door worked correctly before the spring(s) broke and the garage door has not been tampered with.  To measure the torsion springs, follow each of the following steps carefully.  If the garage door has two springs measure each spring individually.  It is not uncommon to have two different size springs.  If you prefer a matching set, we can convert a mismatched set to a matching set. You can also always call us at (855) 566-0959.

Step 1 Determine Springs ID (Inside Diameter)

For your broken spring(s) measure the inside diameter of the spring. If the spring is in one piece you can normally find the ID on the cones, P175 for 1 3/4" and P200 for 2". Typically residential springs will have a 1 3/4" or 2" inside diameter.

Step 2 Determine Spring Wind

Most standard residential torsion systems have two torsion springs, one on the  right and left.