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How much does it cost to repair a broken garage door spring?

Here at Express Garage Door we get a unique insight of both the parts world and the service world of garage doors and what happens when they break or need repairs. for over 40 years we ourselves have ran a service company in our our area and your average broken garage door spring change will run around $180 for a single spring up to $350 for a pair depending on how large or heavy the garage door is.

Garage door repair cost
What's this going to cost?

Around the country

One of the great things we get to see when talking to our customers from around the country is what they are quoted for an average garage door repair. Now all companies will be different and prices can fluctuate wildly even in the same city. We've seen price quotes from states such as Alaska and Hawaii range from $400-$1200 just for a double spring change! Average costs we do see here in the lower 48 range from $250-$700 for a complete garage door inspection and repair of broken parts. Prices tend to be higher in your most populated states such as California, Texas, and Florida but this also can due to reinforced garage doors due to wind load regulations that require extra supports or "struts" on the doors. that add considerable weight.

How to save money! $$$

Whats better than saving money? Saving a lot of money! Most commonly garage door repair companies will make their money on the up-sale of the parts they use to repair your door. If the springs or components are purchased before hand not only do you know that your getting a good deal you know the springs are going to be correct. Most garage door repair companies don't carry every single spring for every single garage door out there. They will carry 5-7 different sizes and then mix and match when they get to your house and get the door as close to balanced as they can manage and then attach the door to the opener and no ones the wiser. By having one of the largest inventories of springs in the country we here at can get you the absolute perfect springs for your door saving you money because not only do you know they are correct but by having a matching pair they will last longer!

How to get the correct springs?

This is where we shine. We have detailed videos all across our website that help you correctly measure your current garage door springs. Now if you are unsure how to measure or even if you are unsure if the correct springs were on the door in the first place you can simply take a picture of the garage door itself from the inside of the garage and Text or Email it to us. We'll look over the door and let you know the perfect, factory recommended springs that should be on the door.

And you never know just like countless others that we see and help everyday, once you see the process from start to finish and using our tech line for any help, a little garage door repair company may be in your future!

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