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The Nylon Bushing

One of the great things of having a Tech Line for our customers is that we can compile a list of our most commonly asked questions and answer them for you here! One that we get a lot and for good reason is "What is this little black thing in the bottom of my box?" " Where does it go?" 'Does it matter which spring or side I put it on?"

Garage door spring nylon bushing
The Nylon Bushing


This little black thing is called a nylon bushing and goes in between your springs to keep the torsion tube centered so that the tube does not move around while your springs are operating the garage door. We will send out one of these for free with every spring order and it does not matter which spring it is inserted into. You'll notice right where your springs bolt together and where the mounting cone is the bushing will fit perfectly in the cone. Good thing is that you will only need ONE per pair of springs as two is simply not needed. We do include one for free but rest assured if it would happen to fall out of the box or if you accidentally drop a hammer on it and break it you can re-use your old one as they do not "ware" so to speak, and only act as a space holder.

Garage Door Spring Metal Bushing
The Metal Bushing

Do I Need a Metal one?

Switching out your plastic nylon bushing for a nice and shiny metal one is a great up sale for many garage door and parts companies but here at Express Garage Door we take a shot of truth serum every morning so we tell it like it is. The Metal Bushing is truly not needed in most residential settings and is really only recommended in commercial applications i.e. when your wire size reaches 273+. Now this being said, you of course can still use them and they do come preinstalled in our Center Mounts wihere the springs will mount together.

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