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Garage Door Springs

Scroll Down for How to Measure Your Spring!
We Ship our springs Via UPS
Need a Larger Size? Click Here!
How to measure your garage door spring(s)
How many turns to put on your spring(s)
Tech's wife demonstrates winding spring
$14.99 Value/ FREE pair of cables with every spring order! Enter code at checkout.
7ft Door --- Enter cables7
8ft Door --- Enter cables8
How to replace your Spring(s)
How to weigh your garage door
Website Walk Through / Ordering Process
Garage Door Spring Wire Size Chart
Spring turns chart
How many turns on a garage door spring
*On each spring
 Not sure what spring you need? We make it easy.
custom garage door springs
roll up garage door springs
garage door extension springs
garage door extension springs
Take a picture of the Garage Door Itself from inside your garage, and we'll tell you what spring(s) you need.

*Please note a picture of the Garage Door itself is needed, not just the springs above the door*

Email pictures to
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